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Youth In Action Musical Anti War Protest & Open Mic June 21st
June 19, 2008, 12:37 am
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Youth In Action Musical Anti War Protest!
Saturday, June 21st
at the bench at Westcott st and Beech st

OPEN MIC, pass on the word, bring music, poetry, your friends!

on Facebook at

“On Saturday June 21, Syracuse Youth in Action will be hosting a MUSICAL PROTEST of the ongoing war in Iraq.

We will send a message to our elected officials and the people of Syracuse that we are sick and tired of this unjust war and we demand change!
The protest will follow an ‘open mic’ format (without the mic). Bring your own guitars, print out song lyrics to pass, drums are great too.
Everyone is welcome! Come add your voice and be heard!
If you have poetry or other writing to read, that is also great!
Nothing amplified please since there is nowhere to plug it in and we don’t want the police on our tail, if we can avoid it.
We will have about 10 signs, but if you have a good one you’d like to bring please do so.”

– Youth in Action on Facebook

Youth in Action are a group of Syracuse young people fighting against the war and for social justice.
During the summer they held a large un-permitted youth anti-war march that took over the Federal Building lawn to denounce imperialism, activated the un-permitted youth and anti-authoritarian feeder march at the September 29th Upstate NY Citizen & Soldier March Against the War, and have made a spirited youth presence holding anti-war signs along Westcott st and downtown, and are planning future events.

Check out a recent article about the Westcott st demo here:


JD Acceptance Coalition Benefit Concert June 20th
June 19, 2008, 12:35 am
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Jamesville-DeWitt High School Acceptance Coalition Benefit Concert
Friday, June 20th
6pm to 11pm
basement of MPH Presbyterian Church, 5299 Jamesville Rd

Check out AxCo on Myspace at

on Facebook at

Support this long-running fierce and fabulous queer youth group! Their annual benefits are always filled with creativity, wit and great performances!

“Now we realize that sounds odd but it’s in the basement and it has a really good stage and a lot of room and it was free. We have a bunch on different bands including Go all out, Here for the hour, Remember tommorow, All my ambitions, Magnet 79, and a few solo artist including Matthew Kelly. We still have a few bands we are waiting to hear from.


“The acceptance coalition is a group committed to fighting discrimination, oppression and prejudice in our schools and community. We are the group who promotes acceptance of all people and their beliefs in order to bring them together. We recognize that racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ageism, religious prejudice and other forms of discrimination and oppression are all connected and they are issues that need to be addressed. We wish to be a community resource to offer support and education. Also, we have broadened our horizon and focus on getting the youth active in helping others and speaking their mind.”

June 14th Immigrant Rights Action
June 11, 2008, 5:04 am
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June Immigrants Rights Action – the Overground Railroad
11 AM on Saturday, June 14
(45-minutes to 1 hour) no longer
at the Regional Transportation Center (Amtrak and Greyhound Station)

Activities: High-visibility banner and sign-holding; distributing
critically important public education material on Border Patrol
arrests, material that will allow people to make INFORMED DECISIONS
about whether they want to risk having their family torn apart by the
detainment of a family member. Chants, prayers, powerful testimonies.
A peaceful but spirited assembly! Children welcome. This is a good way
to help them understand what it means to work hard for the dignity of
all people. It helps them learn more about their own immigrant
ancestors, and what they endured when they arrived in this country.
Immigrant rights are human rights!

At our first rally, there were about 50 people. Help us break that record!

WHERE to Show Up: Gather on the curved sidewalk near the big sign
labeling the RTC. The sidewalk is public property (we think), and we
therefore can use our U.S. Constitution, especially laws that protect
freedom of speech, peacable assembly, and the right to petition the
government for a redress of grievances (First Amendment); and
searches and seizures without Warrants (Fourth Amendment).

Other: bring sun screen or umbrellas or rain gear, depending on
weather; water bottles. We have found that back packs are helpful. We
can supply you with a sign.

Mark your calendar now for the July 5th Immigrant Rights Action.
Declare your independence from government policies that break up
families, incite racism, and encourage worker exploitation and modern
forms of slavery.