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Call to Action, March in Solidarity with the Greek Insurrection
January 22, 2009, 4:47 am
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Solidarity with the Greek Uprising

International Day of Action Against State Murder

Saturday, December 20


Hanover Square

Syracuse, NY


On the night of December 6th, 16 year old Alexandros ‘Alexis’

Grigoropoulos was shot and murdered by the Greek Pig State. Almost

instantaneously, workers, students and immigrants took to the streets

to denounce the killing of Alexis. Since that murderous night on

December 6th, Greece has turned into what can only be described as a

civil war.

On December 20th 2008, people all across the world will take to the

streets to show solidarity with the Greek Uprising as an international

day of action against state murder. In Syracuse, we will respond to

this call to action by marching in solidarity with the Uprising and

against all state murders. We will not forget the friends and comrades

whose lives have been stolen by the state, a system with it’s

foundations rooted in murder and repression.

We will gather to honor Alexis and the many lives cut short; we will

gather to the poetry of the revolt, the many statements insisting that

the problems faced in Greece are the same problems across the world,

that we must struggle not only to fight for better conditions, but

also for our dreams, our imaginations, to take our lives and

creativity back from capital, the state, and oppression. The memory of

young Alexis, and all those murdered by the state to silence social

movements, deserves nothing less than we fight for a better world in

their memory.

Wear black to mourn our comrades and join us on Saturday, December

20th at 5pm in Hanover Square for this international day of action!

Syracuse Solidarity Network

affiliate of the North East Anarchist Network


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