Syracuse Solidarity Network

Points of Unity

Syracuse Solidarity Network

Points of Unity :

1) A rejection of capitalism, imperialism, and authoritarianism (hierarchy/ the State).

2) A rejection of all systems of oppression, including but not limited to sexism, white supremacy, heterosexism, and capitalism. We recognize that all forms of oppression are interconnected and support the self-organization and autonomy of oppressed groups. Respecting different priorities, we will reject imposing a hierarchy of oppressions in our organizing and will recognize the leadership and resistance of communities directly affected. We will be accountable for power and privilege within our network and work towards a holistic anti-oppression culture of resistance.

3) An organizational philosophy based on decentralization, autonomy, and mutual aid.

4) An attitude of active resistance towards all state, corporate and other oppressive institutions.

5) A call to direct action, support for emancipatory social movements across Syracuse and the world, advocating the liberation of all as well as the construction of alternatives in Syracuse.


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