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Upstate New York Anarchist Consulta
March 23, 2009, 1:52 am
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Upstate Uprise Against the IMF & World Bank!
Upstate NY Anarchist Consulta
Saturday, April 11th
at the Women’s Info Center, 601 Allen st
Syracuse, NY 13210
hosted by the Syracuse Solidarity Network


Come to Syracuse on April 11th to share information and strategies in preparation for the upcoming meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). There will be presentations about the IMF/WB, a variety of skillshares,workshops, food, films, and networking. Come and help build a fighting anarchist community across this broken and angry expanse of stolen land called Upstate New York.

Please RSVP by April 4th with how many people are coming, any food allergies or special needs, skillshares & workshops that can be offered, if childcare is needed, and if overnight accommodations are needed.

The meeting will be from 2pm-8pm on April 11th at the Women’s
Information Center, 601 Allen St. Syracuse, NY. Open since 1973,
Women’s Info Center is one of the oldest independent women’s centers
in the Northeast and has always been a safer space for women and
allies. The space is wheelchair accessible.

Join us to create a welcoming space to share local updates, make
friends and build solidarity across our region!

Check out the consulta on facebook:

Syracuse Solidarity Network

Syracuse Solidarity Network is an affiliate of the North East Anarchist Network

Join the Upstate NY Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian listserv to build
communication, cooperation and mutual aid across our region

For more info about direct action against the IMF/World Bank, April 24-26th:
Self Described Anarchist Collective

Global Justice Action


Sun & Solidarity: A report back from the August 10th National Day of Action Against Electoral Politics, Syracuse, NY

Sun & Solidarity: A Report Back from the August 10 National Day of Action Against Electoral Politics from Syracuse, New York
by E. Sebastian Snowflake


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Upstate NY-wide Unconventional Action meeting in Syracuse, NY, April 13th
April 2, 2008, 1:46 am
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Upstate NY-wide Unconventional Action meeting in Syracuse, NY
Sunday, April 13th
Womens Info Center, 601 Allen St, Syracuse NY, 13210

We saw just a sliver of the pent-up rage only barely hidden across Upstate NY against the war, against our rulers and their brutal economy, on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians joined disruptive demonstrations in Binghamton, Rochester, and Syracuse – blocking roads, pounding drums, making the connections between war and everyday oppression on these stolen lands. Many protests felt a new sense of urgency and determination filling the streets, having popular support despite facing police surveillance, harassment and sometimes arrests. In Binghamton, NY, many students were attacked, pepper-sprayed and arrested by cops. This summer we will confront the war-makers and their blood-drenched system in its totality with creative actions at the Democratic and Republican National conventions based on the strategies outlined by the Unconventional Action network.

Join us in Syracuse, NY for an Upstate New York-wide Unconventional Action meeting hosted by the Syracuse Solidarity Network, an affiliate of the North East Anarchist Network. Following meetings in Binghamton and Rochester, we’ll continue to network and link up our struggles across the region and mobilize for the DNC/RNC. We will hear updates from the Bash Back! Trans/Queer anti-RNC convergence in Chicago, April 5-6th, and prepare messages of solidarity and input for the pReNC in the Twin Cities, May 5th. Please bring information about movements in your area to share.

While we prepare to bring the fight to the spectacle of the conventions, we are also using this opportunity to network and mobilize Upstate New York for the emergency demonstration in Philadelphia April 19th to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. From the prison-dotted landscape of Upstate, we stand firmly in solidarity with all those across the world committed to free Mumia, free all political prisoners & prisoners of war, and abolish this racist, capitalist system destroying life & planet once and for all.
For more info see

participants in the Syracuse Solidarity Network
SyracuseSolNet (at)
an affiliate of the North East Anarchist Network

in cooperation with the Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction
UpstateUnconventionalAction (at)

Unconventional Action network Points of Unity:
The name Unconventional Action is available to all who:
– Reject all forms of hierarchy including capitalism, party communism, patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism, and so-called representational politics
– Organize on a non-hierarchical, consensus-based basis that promotes autonomy, solidarity, grass-roots involvement, and the agency of those most affected by each decision
– Embrace a diversity of tactics
– Do not condemn any action on the grounds that it is illegal alone